As a linguist I am mainly interested in the body-language interface. That is I am concerned with the interaction between human individuals and their environment and how mental concepts arise from this interaction and how they are coded in language. In particular I am interested in comparing such codings in spoken and signed languages.

My main areas are Cognitive Linguistics, semantics (also formal), pragmatics, the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, history of Phonetics, German Sign Language (Deutsche Gebärdensprache) and embodied cognition.

The subject of my master thesis (Magisterarbeit) was: “Embodied cognition and modality effects: the coding of central sentence types in spoken and signed languages”.

My minor subjects were phonetics and speech processing and German literature. Additionaly I studied German and geography to become a teacher (Lehramt Gymnasium) and finish university at 2013 with my Staatsexamen. I am now working as a research assistant at the Institute of Linguistics/German studies at the University of Stuttgart.

Other interests:

- Basics of human communication
- German particles (in particular modal particles)
- Grounding (Common Ground)
- Relevance
- Negation
- Interrogativity
- Graphematics
- Learning to read and write
- Branding

Not really linguistic but related:
- Theories of Mind
- Facial expressions
- Volition
- Intelligent agents
- Digital humanities (Crowdsourcing and Games with a purpose)


- Gentrification
- Street art (and interrelations with gentrification)
- Photography
- Blogging
- Design/typography
- Theater
- Literature
- Open access


As an artist I am interested in all sorts of antagonisms like the body-soul antagonism or the conflicts between desires and reason. My collagages mirror my search for a balanced equilibrium between the different and contradicting forces of our daily lives by creating balances through aesthetic integrations of seemingly incompatible pictures.

I am also writing prose and poetry. Some of my works can be found here.

For my engagement as a blogger, writer, artist and my communication of art the Süddeutsche Zeitung nominated me as one of Munichs young people who make Munich “an exciting city” and the city “colorful and worth living”.